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DIY Bunny Toys

Bunnies are pretty destructive with toys, but toys are very beneficial for filing down teeth and entertainment, so they are very worthwhile - but they can get expensive! You can always buy bunny toys of course, but what's the fun in that?

Here are a couple ideas of inexpensive bunny toys that you can make or find yourself!

Toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay:

They have fun trying to get the hay out of the tubes and throwing them around!

Cut tree branches or branches bent into toys:

I have seen many rabbit marketed branch toys made from apple or willow, but there is a list of bunny-safe branches here.

If you have thin enough, and flexible enough branches, you could also bend them into a circle and place a jingle-bell inside. I used mulberry branches because I have tons of mulberry trees, and several sources said mulberry was safe, but the branches weren't very flexible, hence the ugly bent shape :)


Just make sure you find un-treated pinecones. If you can find them in nature, they're free, but make sure you find them somewhere that hasn't been sprayed with weedkiller or pesticides.


It's free and buns love to chew on it! You can even cut holes in a box so they can chew on it and play inside of it!

Leave a comment below if you have any DIY bunny-toy ideas!

Feel free to share, and check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for daily bunny pictures!

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