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California Holland Lops
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We Love Lops

We are a small rabbitry located in Madera, California. In the past, we have worked with other breeds, but currently strictly breed Holland Lops because of our love of the breed. They are adorable tiny rabbits with great temperaments and personalities. Our goals are to create beautiful patterns and colors, while staying close to the standard of perfection. Our pedigreed herd currently consists of four does and two bucks.  Our bunnies are regularly exercised and handled by adults as well as children to promote friendly temperaments. Take a look around - we hope you enjoy our bunnies as much as we do! Please follow us on social media to see  updated pictures!



Have any questions? First, check out our FAQ page. If it's not listed, send us a message!

 To reserve a bunny, or if you would like to be added to a wait-list for a certain colored bunny, add it to the bottom of the form below.

If you'd like to leave your phone number, we can respond to you via text message.

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