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California Holland Lops
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We Love Lops

We are a small rabbitry located in Madera, California  (near Fresno, Ca) breeding Holland Lops which are a dwarf breed, and the smallest of the lops. We have been raising bunnies since 2017, and in the past, we have worked with other breeds, but currently strictly breed Holland Lops because of our love of this fantastic breed.  They are adorable tiny rabbits with great temperaments and personalities. Our pedigreed herd currently consists of several rare colors such as harlequin, magpie, tri-color, chocolate, and blue.  Our bunnies are regularly exercised, litter-trained, and handled by adults and children to promote friendly temperaments. Take a look around - we hope you enjoy our bunnies as much as we do! 


Are you wondering...

  • How big do Holland Lops get?

They are typically between 3-4 pounds

  • How to take care of a bunny?

Please see our Basic Bunny Care page

  • What supplies you need for your furry friend?

Please see our Supplies page (with super easy Amazon links)

  • If we have babies available?

Please see our Available Bunnies page

  • Madera is a long drive?

We may be able to arrange transport for a meetup/dropoff for a transport fee.

  • What our Sales Policies are?

Please see our Sales Policies page

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