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We are a small rabbitry in Madera, California focused on breeding sweet Holland Lops in beautiful, rare colors!
Our bunnies are given tons of love, and are handled by children and adults.
They have excellent temperaments and make great pets.
Our bunnies are pedigreed and litter-box trained.

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Available Holland Lops

We received new litters January 26th!
Our next litters are expected March 1st

Reservation dates:

(this is the day those at the top of the waitlist will receive an email with the password to reserve)


October 6th litter: RESERVED
November 9th litter: RESERVED
December 7th litter: RESERVED

January 26th litter: 2/23 @ 3pm 

Those on the waitlist will receive an email when babies are ready to reserve - enter your info on the form below to be added. Please read through all info on this page, sales policies, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) before emailing questions.

For more detail on the reservation process, please see our FAQ page

Photos of new babies will be posted to instagram when they are one week old.
Please follow @lopsofloveca to see photos of current (unreserved) babies.

You can click the Instagram icon below.

Reserved Babies:

Babies are reserved when we can tell genders around 4 weeks old
and are made available first to those on our waitlist.

More details on the reservation process can be found on our FAQ page

If the purchase is successful, you have reserved that specific bunny and will receive an email confirmation shortly with the address for pickup, as well as the other information pertaining to your bunny such as birthday, pickup dates, etc. This page will also automatically update to show the baby as reserved.

Bunnies are currently $360, but that price is subject to change.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve, and the remainder is due at pickup in cash.

If you have any questions, please see our Basic Bunny Care page, recommended Supplies, Sales Policies, or FAQ page.
Submit your info below to be added to the wait-list for the next expected litter!

***Bunnies are available for pick-up in Madera California.
Each bunny comes with a bag of pellets to transition them to their new food.
Bunnies are only available for pickup after 8 weeks of age, and
 are only held with a 50% deposit.