Recommended Products

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These are the exact products we have used for years and love!





Nail Clippers

Water Bottle

Paper Litter

(For litter box)


Wood Pellets

(For litter box)

Chew Toys

Bunny Hideout

Exercise Pen

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Bunny Bowls!

These bowls are the perfect size for bunnies! They hold approximately a 1/2 cup of food (level) and measure 3.5" in diameter. Choose from purple, dark blue, light blue/teal, lime green, red, and salmon. 


These dishes are hand-made by me. All glazes I use are lead-free! Dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe, however, hand-washing preserves the beauty of the piece.

If you are also reserving a bunny, I can hold onto the dish for you (to save on shipping) just send me a message on the form below (or text if you have my number) but the dishes also make great gifts for the kiddos to unwrap while waiting for their reserved bunny to turn 8 weeks for pickup!

Pine shavings can cause respiratory issues in rabbits, and should not be used.

Because bunnies love to chew, we go through a lot of chew toys! If you are looking for an inexpensive idea for chew toys, we often use pinecones. They love to chew on them and toss them around. Just make sure you are sourcing them from somewhere that doesn't spray pesticides/herbicides on the ground.